About AV Rent Car

AV Rent a car was founded in 1991 in Armação de Pêra, Algarve, as a car rental business providing our clients with a tailor made quality service.

The company grew rapidly through a corporate owned expansion and by creating solid working relationships with clients, tour operators, hotel groups and travel agencies.

Our Company offers to its customers an effective and complete service solution beginning with the three step reservation process, via internet, or using a simple phone call to our 24 Hours help line or by sendding a fax message.

We deliver cars at any location with no extra cost. We also have several parking lots at Car Park nº4 on site at the Faro Airport, avoiding the trouble of clients having to take shuttles to a far away office to collect their vehicles.

We always say that collecting a car at Faro Airport with us is simples as sign, pay and drive!

Placing the interests of our customers first as always been our main goal and we feel this is reflected in the loyalty and satisfaction of our client base.

So, for all this reasons you should try us.



All the best,

João Vieira
Op. Manager

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