During your Algarve Holidays, you should not miss the traditional markets experience. Rent a car at the Faro airport and make a tour to get to know some of the best places to buy some fresh and tasty products of the region.


Traditional markets, full of colors and flavors of fresh and typical products were in times the center of urban commercial activity. Fortunately, these markets are being modernized without losing their traditional features which make them so special and cozy, and have regained their importance.


Experience the pleasure of searching for fresh products, wandering around, talking with local people to understand their habits and way of living, looking at shop windows and maybe trying some local products during lunch.


We suggest you some places to not miss during your Algarve Holidays:


The renovated Mercado Municipal de Faro (Faro Town Market) is very complete. You can find in the ground floor stalls for selling fresh produce, as well as a supermarket on the underground and some other services on the upper floor. It is near the Faro downtown, so you can get to know the city.


Grab your rented car and visit Loulé Town Market. Be amazed by its beautiful facade, very typical and traditional. Now, it has an area dedicated to traditional market fare. Buy there some fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. After, have lunch at the restaurant on the second floor. The old town is really close to the market, so just wander out there during the afternoon.


Olhão Town Market is another great place that cannot be missed. The city is well known for the fresh fish. Also, the architecture is amazing, since the buildings from 1912 were restored and kept the former splendor. It is made up of two single buildings with hipped roof and four glazed circular turrets with metal domes giving it a monumental look. But it's also magic because it's a place full of colors, tastes, people and sounds.


Rent a car at the Algarve and spend the best holidays getting to know the most beautiful and traditional markets, rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and meat as well as some other local products. Lose yourself shopping in these typical places and have great Algarve Holidays.